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FREE Premium Site Listing

If you have a site listed on SeekOn all you need to do to get a premium listing is link to SeekOn from your listed page.  Premium listings have the site title in bold and are located at the top of the site lists. 

You can link to anywhere in the SeekOn site (  

If you are listed on one of our locality pages you might want to link back to the page listing your site.  Something like:


Of course you can link to our Home Page (SeekOn) or any other page within SeekOn.

You can also use our 88 X 31 button: 


1) For any month where SeekOn receives four (4) or more different visitors via links from a page listed on SeekOn, that page will receive a bold listing and be listed ahead of non-premium links for the following month.

2) The link must be on the listed page.  The URL must not contain ? or =.  Note:  If you use frames, the link back to SeekOn will generally be on a page named something like .../frame2.html while the listing you submitted will be linking to .../index.html.  Therefore you will not get a preferred listing.  The URL of the listing must agree with the URL of the page containing the link to SeekOn.

3) Links may be to any SeekOn page.

If your site is not listed you can return to the page where you would like to be listed and click "Add URL".  

For statewide, regional, or nationwide advertising for your site consider Advertising on SeekOn.

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